Buying the building – mission accomplished!

Update: 30/9/14

We are thankful to God that we can report that as at 17.00 on our gift day 28th September 2014 the shortfall on our planned total (i.e. to clear the purchase and estimated associated expenses) is £475.47.

A year ago our most ambitious plan was that at this stage we should be looking to take on a loan of £70k. For us to arrive at this stage with what is – by comparison with our plan – a tiny shortfall, is simply miraculous.

God is faithful.

And then we seek the Lord for the next venture …

P.W. 30/9/14

Update: 19/9/14

On Thursday 11/9/14 we completed the purchase! This has been completed within our existing funds without taking out loans or mortgages. We are grateful to God – all achieved by his grace!

We now need to tidy up the outstanding amounts for fees, overheads etc. Our gift day 28th September will be looking to raise £10k to close this chapter of the venture.




Summer 2014

We’re now within £31k of completing the purchase, with a target date of 28th September 2014. Many pledges have already been made to reduce the £31k still further.

Since the last Gift Day we are now within about £31k of our target. Another gift day is scheduled for 28th September 2014 at which point we hope to complete the purchase.

If you would like to give on or before that date please get in touch so that we can correctly prepare any bridging loans/ mortgages that would still be needed.

So there is still opportunity to get involved, see the information below.


Click below to download the full info pamphlet and giving forms:

Giving forms can also be posted to:  Mr R J Wingate, Hon. Treasurer, Calvary Evangelical Church 57 De Montfort Road Brighton BN2 3AW