What makes us who we are

You might wonder whether all churches are the same.

While we have core beliefs that we share with other churches worldwide, we also have some distinctive characteristics that make us who we are compared with other churches:

  • We believe that in order to be Christ-centred we need to be Bible-centred, which is why we seek to focus on Christ via the speaking and hearing God’s words, the Bible, in our meetings.
  • We are a reformed church, which means (among other things) that we believe that human beings are unable to save themselves and are utterly dependent upon God’s power and kindness.
  • We are a baptist church, which means that we baptise only people who realistically claim to have become Christians (i.e. we don’t baptise babies)
  • And we are an independent church, meaning that we are not governed by a larger (e.g., national) church body.
  • However, we recognise that churches must be interdependent and cannot survive in isolation. So we have strong links with a wide range of churches in Brighton and Hove, Sussex, nationally and internationally.

Links with other churches

We express our interdependence with other churches more formally through our membership of

More locally and personally, we are strongly involved in the FIEC Mid-Sussex Group of churches.  We pray regularly for each other, we meet up once a year together and the ministers and leaders meet for lunch every other month.

This network includes following congregations: