Welcome to Calvary Church Brighton, UK

URGENT: Coronavirus – COVID-19

You can see the broadcast of this morning’s meeting on YouTube using by searching for our channel. Search “calvary, brighton”

The evening meeting (audio only) can be found here

Calvary Church takes very seriously the well-being of those who attend in any way and those who are family and friends of those who attend. We are particularly conscious of the elderly and those with underlying health issues.

As from 19th March 2020, in the light of government instructions and guidelines from FIEC our network head office:

In the light of best current advice we will not hold any meetings at Calvary Church building, Viaduct Road – this will be held under continual review – this includes CIC, and Caterpillars

our Sunday morning (11:00) and evening (18:30) services will be available to access via the internet either on this website, or directly at calvary-brighton.sermon.net

Wednesday prayer times will be continued in our own homes at 19:45 – but we will be using material previously circulated by email, text messages etc. We pray for God’s grace and mercy in this time of need.

church members and friends are warmly encouraged to develop our existing links of fellowship and friendship to express the “one another” life of the church community

we also seek opportunities to support our vulnerable neighbours and friends – and NHS workers.

It is worth pointing out that God – who is in charge of all things – is speaking through this alarming and humbling providence. Jesus referred to “natural disasters” in Luke 13 as a prompt for his hearers’ repentance, and similarly the book of Revelation depicts such “apocalyptic” events in earth’s ongoing history (e.g. Revelation 9:20,21). God is reminding our nations and leaders and people of our fragility, and calling us to realise more deeply our utter dependence upon him – our Maker and Sustainer. Let us turn back to the Lord in prayer and ask his protection and blessing through Jesus Christ our Saviour


We are here to preach, teach, learn and live the good news of Jesus Christ today in the centre of Brighton, UK.


If you are new to Brighton please come and look in on our meetings where you can meet Jesus Christ through hearing the Bible simply explained among a caring community of believers.

If you are a student you may like to know that we have a long history of being blessed by, and being a blessing to, students of all sorts, from all sorts of places.

  • If you cannot join us in person, you may be interested to listen to some of our sermons on MP3 or read one of our newsletters.
  • You can follow us on twitter @CalvaryCh_Btn.
  • and, of course, we’d be very glad to hear by email from people who have visited this site.

We are an evangelical church in the Reformed tradition – affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.