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Welcome to the website of Calvary Church, Brighton, UK!

CEC-exterior-side-view02We are here to preach, teach, learn and live out the good news of Jesus Christ today in the centre of Brighton.

The London Road area is developing and changing rapidly. If you are visiting, we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our meetings where you can meet Jesus Christ through hearing the Bible simply explained among a caring community of believers.

  • If you cannot join us in person, you may be interested to listen to some of our sermons on MP3 or read one of our newsletters.
  • You can follow us on twitter @CalvaryCh_Btn.
  • Finally, we’d be very glad to hear by email from people who have visited this site.

We are an evangelical church in the Reformed tradition – affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.

Buying the building update – 28/9/14

We are thankful to God that we can report that as at 17.00 on our gift day 28th September 2014 the shortfall on our planned total (i.e. to clear the purchase and estimated associated expenses) is £475.47.

A year ago our most ambitious plan was that at this stage we should be looking to take on a loan of £70k. For us to arrive at this stage with what is – by comparison with our plan – a tiny shortfall is simply miraculous.

God is faithful.

P.W. 30/9/14

Week of prayer – 21-28 September

“Pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into the harvest” Matthew 9:38

We are told to pray for workers in the harvest, and during our week of prayer we have been praying about this matter and others.

Each day we have focused on one aspect – though, of course, there is a lot of overlap. Monday – ministry of the word, Tuesday – workers, Wednesday – fruitful ventures, Thursday – people, Friday – the future.

Each weekday 10.00-11.00 in the morning, and 8.00-9.00 in the evening. Do join us in person if you can come along to pray, or join us in spirit wherever you are.

Next week, 21- 28 Sept 2014, is a week of prayer

We often – but not always – begin the Autumn term coming to God in prayer. Without God’s help and guidance we are dried up and useless – we pray that he would guide us and make us fruitful. We believe in the Holy Spirit! without him we can do nothing.

The sessions will be held 10.00 – 11.00 in the mornings, and 8.00 – 9.00 each evening – with guided texts and topics for each session. (Details to follow)

Please feel free to come along as you are able – or at least to be praying along with us day by day.


Buying the Building – completion achieved!

We are rather amazed to report, as of 11 September 2014 15:50:34 BST the purchase of our building has been completed.

While we are still doing the sums we can be confident that this has been achieved without having to borrow any money, nor take out any loans nor mortgages.

All rather amazing – we thank God.

(Apologies for not posting it sooner!)

PW 14/9/14

Buying the building – update 7/9/14- contracts exchanged!

We are pleased to announce that contracts have been exchanged, and completion should be achieved sometime next week.

It is remarkable that we are in this position ahead of schedule, with sufficient funds to finish the deal. We thank God for this miracle.

On September 28th there will be a Gift Day, and we hope that much if not all of the remaining financial shortfall can be covered.

We still have to sort out legal costs, and a number of pledges will not become active until 28th September.


Good things to report and pray for 13th August 2014

From our mid-week meeting: it is good to report a number of interesting conversations were had with various passers-by on London Road.

Topics of discussion included – “where do we come from?” “hasn’t science disproved Christianity”, “I believe in Jesus but am not keen on church”. Some people took the booklets and pamphlets offered and read them with great care.

The Bible says “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news” Romans 10:15

Welcome to new students!

Maybe you are looking here because you have come to Brighton as a new student. Brighton offers a very rich and varied experience for students from all over the world – hopefully a great time is ahead of you!

If you are looking for a church you will find information about us on the rest of the site and especially here.

When you choose a church remember, it’s not all about music, and smaller/growing churches like ours also have a lot to offer in the way of solid Bible teaching, and opportunities to build relationships in the church family, and get actively involved in developing, maturing, and serving.

If you would like more info – drop a line to our student worker Ben Alltimes


from an early painting

Looking at God and ourselves – Sunday morning teaching series, August 2014

A swiss pastor, wishing to give an all-round course of instruction to his flock once wrote:

Our wisdom,in so far as it ought to be deemed true and solid Wisdom, consists almost entirely of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves” John Calvin (1509-1564)- Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 1, Chapter 1.

We’ve been following his outline and have been looking briefly at who God is : (1) Creator, (2) Trinity (3) Ruler (4) God who is good. And now we are looking at who we are – humanity (1) in the image of God (2) spoiled by sin, (3) redeemed by Christ.

These can all be followed via the talks and sermons page.