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Comparing Eastern and Western worldviews

This talk will compare the biblical Trinitarian worldview with monism and dualism. It will take people out of their boxes and help them to understand how and why intelligent and lovely people have a very unbiblical worldview. Then it will help them see why only the biblical worldview supports and sustains our lives.

Ellis Potter, a native Californian now residing in Switzerland, is a former Buddhist monk who became a Christian under the influence and ministry of the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer. He worked for many years with Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland and was the pastor of the Basel Christian Fellowship for ten years. With his wife, Mary, he founded Eastern Europe Renewal (EER), an evangelical mission to Central and Eastern European countries. He now works as a Christian minister, counsellor and teacher. Click for more details about Ellis Potter.

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Pick and myth

We have always told stories to make sense of the world. But in the postmodern world the story is all there is. Christians must help the Western world recover the big picture, the metanarrative.

Steve Ellacott PhD FIMA (Reader in Computational Mathematics, University of Brighton)

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The affairs of the heart – the longings of life

There are are deep longings in our hearts. We try to fulfil them in many different ways. We all want to be happy, successful, intimate with others, healthy, safe and whole as people, attractive and popular, satisfied and content, in a place that is home to us. How have Christian thinkers like C.S. Lewis (writer of the Narnia stories) understood these longings? Can these needs be met? And how can they be met?

Tom Price, our guest speaker, is part of the team at Damaris, an educational charity that seeks to relate biblical Christian faith and contemporary popular culture. He has a degree in philosophy, and has written a number of articles on how current culture and Christianity relate to each other. He was the founding editor of the award-winning website from which this series of talks takes its name.

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Antichrist or Next Reformation? A Christian Appraisal of Postmodernism

The culture we live in is like the air we breathe: most of the time we don’t think about what we’re letting inside us. But just like the air we breathe, the culture around us is vital for sustaining our lives and making us who we are, with the potential either to keep us healthy or bring us disease and even death.

Each culture has its own set of answers to questions like ‘who are we?’, ‘what is the good life?’ and ‘what is truth?’ Since the 1970s, the answers in our culture have been increasingly shaped by what many call ‘postmodernism’, causing one of the biggest cultural changes in the past 2000 years: people don’t think in the same way they used to 100, or even 30 years ago. The postmodern shift has implications that Christians can’t ignore, not only for our evangelism but for the way that we understand our own faith.

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Christianity and Society

Answering our culture’s tough questions about the Christian faith. Are reason and faith opposed? Does Christianity breed violence, intolerance and hatred? Is Christianity simply a set of rules? Aren’t all religions essentially the same?

Brian Douglas (DPhil candidate, University of Sussex)

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The Resurrection of the Son of God

The resurrection of Jesus is a powerful argument for Christian faith, both to encourage Christians and to challenge atheists. (With particular reference to N. T. Wright’s book with the same title.)

Philip Wells (former student, University of Sussex, and pastor of Calvary Evangelical Church)

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