Caroline Lucas MEP in conversation with David Robertson

As a service to the Brighton Pavilion constituents, Calvary Evangelical Church plans to host events with local politicians in the months leading up to the General Election. In this public event, we are delighted to provide the opportunity to understand better what Caroline’s views are on many of the weighty issues that influence the way we vote: family, education, the economy, immigration, the EU, the health service, international relations, climate change and the UK Parliament.

Come and broaden your perspective of British party politics and meet the real people behind the media image!

Monday 29 June, 7.30pm at Calvary Evangelical Church, Viaduct Road

Caroline Lucas has retained her seat in Brussels as Green Party MEP for the South East of England Region and is looking to enter Westminster at the next General Election as MP for Brighton Pavilion. She is leader of the Green Party of England and Wales and an acknowledged expert on climate change, international trade and peace issues.

David Robertson is a columnist, debater and author of The Dawkins Letters in which he brings persuasive and reasoned arguments for the Christian faith in response to Richard Dawkins’ polemic The God Delusion. He lectures in apologetics at Christian Heritage in Cambridge and is renowned for his straight-talking, easy style. He lives in Dundee with his wife and three children and is Pastor of St Peter’s Free Church in Dundee

We are fully supportive of the democratic process and the principle that all people are made equal in the sight of God and are to be treated with respect and compassion.