Much appreciated (and praised) hustings event

The hustings event 20th April was attended by about 75 people, making a comfortably full gathering in the main church hall.

The five parliamentary candidates were all present as promised.

The gift of the church to the community was to organise, host and chair this opportunity to further the God-given precious gift of democratic freedom.

The questions were wide ranging, and community-based rather than christian-based, although some very sensitive issues were touched upon – notably abortion. All the candidates pronounced themselves “pro-choice”, though their comments were not without nuance and qualification on this important but difficult subject.

The atmosphere had been a matter of specific prayer, and there were many comments that this particular hustings had a very constructive vibe. We thank God for this.

For an interesting opinion  and comment please read Andy Winter’s piece here.

Many thanks to all who helped make this event possible.