Very pleasant musical evening in support of “Brighton Voices in Exile”

Musicians and performers varied and sundry brought their contributions to a very pleasant musical evening July 18th 2015. We were raising money to support “Brighton Voices in Exile”.

Performers ranged in age from not actually 6 to not actually 60 and quite a lot in between. There was  trance track from DJ Ross the Red, and a sweet rendition of a “Teamwork” song from her school by young Cui Xhang.

Aaron Reeves and Jon Bickley brought rock stardom to the stage with a guitar duo, and Wells-Rayfield renditions of Simon/Garfunkel classics was a great favourite. The closing pieces were some very moving acappella pieces from the very talented Ruthi Muinde, followed by a rocking version of “Johnny B. Goode” from the ensemble.


Aaron and Jon – rockstars!

Mary-Jane Birkett – CEO of Brighton Voices in Exile – gave a brief explanation of the work of the charity. It aims to put humanity back into the process of seeking asylum, which can be a procedure which treats people without compassion.

Mary-Jane explains the work of Brighton Voices in Exile

Mary-Jane explains the work of Brighton Voices in Exile

Find out more about Brighton Voice in Exile here

The evening raised over £120 for the charity. Thanks to all who prepared, brought food, played, tidied up afterwards, attended, and gave generously!