We had a great time – June 5th evening

There was no meeting on the Viaduct Road premises on the evening of June 5th.

Instead we will joined together for the Mid-Sussex group of FIEC churches joint meeting at Cuckfield Baptist Church, by their kind invitation. We had a great time of fellowship – and enjoyed the encouragement of listening to the preaching of Rupert Bentley-Taylor.

There were more leaves on the trees than in this rather wintry picture of Cuckfield Baptist Church’s new building.

MSG Day 2016 - final-2-png


We’ve appointed new Deacons

What sort of internal organisation do churches have, according to the New Testament?

The bible is quite sparing in its answer to this question. It is strong on principles (e.g. love, service, respectfulness, selflessness), but fairly flexible on implementation.

It seems clear that within New Testament churches there were a variety of people serving in various ways:

  • Every church member is part of the body of Christ – as expressed in that particular church – thus, every member has and is a gift of God with a part to play.
  • It also seems clear that, as the New Testament era developed, the emphasis settled on the role of the Elders who lead and feed the flock through the word of God, and also …
  • Deacons, who exemplify and focus serving the people of God.

In the previous post we mentioned our prayerful quest to add to the Eldership as the years go by, and currently we are carefully and prayerfully working through the appointment of Deacons.

We can report with thanks to God that the current phase of this process has come to a conclusion at the mini-members meeting 23/3/16, with the recognition and appointment of 7 deacons, as follows:


Lindsay Debach – Administration

Rachel Rayfield – Children’s ministry

Ray WIngate (for one year) – Treasurer (oversight, with assistance), and Secretary

Ben Alltimes – Evangelistic and Discipleship Opportunities

Ruth Muinde and Roger Kinross (till September 2016)  – Care and Concern – including discipling and supporting both men and women

Steve Ellacott – no specific role, but undertaking a project to revamp the Constitution and church manual documents.

We thank God for these people, and for leading us together as a church



P.W. 23/3/16



We’re looking for an Assistant pastor – from September 2016


If you are interested or know someone else who would be please ask them to be in contact. The closing date for applications is 31st January 2016. Below is the text of the advert placed with FIEC, WEST, Oakhill Theological College, and Cornhill Training Course:

Calvary Evangelical Church Brighton is prayerfully seeking an assistant pastor from
September 2016, to serve and train in that role for 3 years. We have the earnest
hope and prayer that there will be sufficient development of the person, ministry
and the relationship between the church and the appointee that he will stay on, in
future, as lead teacher-elder. By August 2019 the current lead teacher-elder Philip Wells will be looking to hand over a significant portion of his workload.

Brilliant Musical Evening in support of Refugee work of Brighton Housing Trust (BHT)

Over £280 was raised at the November 2015 Musical Evening. The money was raised in support of Brighton Housing Trust’s refugee work. Andy Winter CEO writes: “on behalf of Kate Jessop and all at the Immigration Legal Service … thank you for your incredible generoisty at the musical evening – which I really enjoyed”.

Contributions reflected the cross generational family nature of the church. Some jazz from senior member Colleen Moss, something from the “Jungle Book” by Argie Benwell and Corinne Lamb (aka “Lambargie”) taking in Johnny Cash’s “Aint no grave can hold my body down” and the Beatles en route.

Thanks to all who helped organise, set up and run the event. We thank God for the many gifts of musical and other talent – but it is not about excellence so much as making a contribution.


Kate Jessop explains the work of the Immigration Legal Service of BHT

The hall was packed and the atmosphere was “full of good energy” as one visitor put it – we had certainly prayed for Christ’s presence to be there.

There is a Facebook video here.

International mission – report from Albania

On Wednesday November 18th 2015 we were pleased to welcome Jamie and Lori Clarke and children. Once upon a time Jamie used to come to the youth group in the church. But his  visit this time was in connection with the ministry that he and his wife are conducting in Albania where he is a Christian missionary.

We were told about the way that God is working among children and young men, in the city and in the villages in this spiritually needy country.



Welcome to new students!

If you are a student coming to Brighton for the first time, whether from the UK, or from another part of the world there will be a warm welcome for you at Calvary.

We can offer you

  • the opportunity to meet and know Jesus – perhaps for the first time
  • upbuilding and heartfelt meetings where the Holy Spirit speaks through the word of God in the Scriptures which you can understand even if English is not your first language
  • the opportunity to be known by most people in the church, and to get to know them
  • the opportunity to be part of a group of people of your own age including people from all parts of the world
  • the hearing of the word of God, spoken with seriousness, including the difficult and unpalatable bits, in dependence on the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit
  • the opportunity to learn, grow and serve and be changed for ever during your time in Brighton

Very pleasant musical evening in support of “Brighton Voices in Exile”

Musicians and performers varied and sundry brought their contributions to a very pleasant musical evening July 18th 2015. We were raising money to support “Brighton Voices in Exile”.

Performers ranged in age from not actually 6 to not actually 60 and quite a lot in between. There was  trance track from DJ Ross the Red, and a sweet rendition of a “Teamwork” song from her school by young Cui Xhang.

Aaron Reeves and Jon Bickley brought rock stardom to the stage with a guitar duo, and Wells-Rayfield renditions of Simon/Garfunkel classics was a great favourite. The closing pieces were some very moving acappella pieces from the very talented Ruthi Muinde, followed by a rocking version of “Johnny B. Goode” from the ensemble.


Aaron and Jon – rockstars!

Mary-Jane Birkett – CEO of Brighton Voices in Exile – gave a brief explanation of the work of the charity. It aims to put humanity back into the process of seeking asylum, which can be a procedure which treats people without compassion.

Mary-Jane explains the work of Brighton Voices in Exile

Mary-Jane explains the work of Brighton Voices in Exile

Find out more about Brighton Voice in Exile here

The evening raised over £120 for the charity. Thanks to all who prepared, brought food, played, tidied up afterwards, attended, and gave generously!