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We welcome visitors to all of our weekly meetings, however most come to our main Sunday services:

Sunday Morning Service.

Sunday Morning Service.

11:00am Morning service – followed by tea and coffee

6:30pm Evening service – usually including time for questions and discussion.

a bit more about Calvary Evangelical Church:

Calvary is the name of the place where almost two thousand years ago Jesus was crucified (a brutal form of execution used by the Romans). We see his death as central to the Christian good news, which is why ‘Calvary’ is in the name of our church.

The other word, evangelical reflects the importance we place on the gospel message of the Bible which is God’s own word to us.


Tea and coffee conversations after the Sunday morning service.

Tea and coffee conversations after the Sunday morning service.

At Calvary, we encourage all people in the church to get involved in the life of the church. Overseeing this are the elders, or pastors, Philip Wells. They are responsible for the leadership of the church, and Philip Wells works full-time for the church as a pastor. In the more practical matters of running the church, they are assisted by a team of deacons.

Elder Chris Fry went to be with the Lord on 12th October 2020


Calvary Evangelical Church was the name given in 1984 to the Brighton Railway Mission, which was founded in 1876.

Originally the meetings were held in a room at Brighton railway station, but in 1894 the Railway Mission purchased the existing Methodist Church in Viaduct Road for its premises.

There is an article about the history of the Brighton Railway Mission available on the My Brighton and Hove website, and also an article about the early years of our current church building.

Our local area

We are positioned on the edge of a main High Street, and the edge of a large residential area. Lots of things are happening around here.

We believe God has called us to serve him in this particular part of Brighton. We have made a point of getting involved with the concerns of the individual people and wider community of this area.

You might like to contact our community chaplain.

You can get a flavour of what is going on by visiting these external websites (NOTE: we are not responsible for the content of external sites)

London Road Local Action Team (community group)

Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association

London Road on the Brighton and Hove Council website

Portas Pilot – via Town Team