The affairs of the heart

28 June-6 July 2008

A week of events in which we invite you to think about the things that are most important to you…

riches – plans – passion – justice – approval – good education – marriage – equality – possessions – friends – ambition – striving – property – immortality – excellence – purpose – morality – achievement – gods – family – intelligence – celebrity – truth – contentment – heroes – victory – love

Brighton mystery treasure hunt

Discover Brighton’s Treasures! For all ages and families.
Saturday 28 June, 2-5.30pm

Each team will be given a set of instructions to follow and a certificate on completion. Meet back at the church building by 4.30pm where there will be refreshments. You may win some treasure for your efforts!

Start at Calvary Church Building.

Film night & discussion

By invitation only
Friday 4 July, 7.30pm

We watched Juno.

Sports event

For all students and young people
Saturday 5 July, 2-5pm

Join us for a fun afternoon of British rounders (and refreshments) at Preston Park.

Meet at Calvary Church Building.

“Affairs of the heart – the longings of life” – a BeThinking talk

Guest speaker: Tom Price
Saturday 5 July, starting at 7pm with doughnuts and coffee

There are are deep longings in our hearts. We try to fulfil them in many different ways. We all want to be happy, successful, intimate with others, healthy, safe and whole as people, attractive and popular, satisfied and content, in a place that is home to us. How have Christian thinkers like C.S. Lewis (writer of the Narnia stories) understood these longings? Can these needs be met? And how can they be met?

Tom Price, our guest speaker, is part of the team at Damaris, an educational charity that seeks to relate biblical Christian faith and contemporary popular culture. He has a degree in philosophy, and has written a number of articles on how current culture and Christianity relate to each other. He was the founding editor of the award-winning website from which this talk takes its name.

Treasures of the heart

Speaker: Philip Wells
Sunday 6 July, 11am-12.15pm

Join us for our main church gathering, in a welcoming and non-threatening environment, as we explore the theme of the week.

Any Questions (aka Grill a Christian)

Sunday 6 July, starting at 6pm with coffee and dessert

Come and ask our panel anything you like. They may not know all the answers – but they’re not afraid of the questions!

(Including ‘vox pops’ – a presentation of people’s opinions gathered in and around London Road.)