Vision Morning – June 14th 2014

“How should we be praying and planning in faith for the next five years?”

This was the question that we believe God would have us consider, and we gathered on the Saturday morning 14th June to discuss together.

The Elders opened the morning with prayer and a reflection on the past.

There was a seven-year period when we didn’t even know whether the church could continue to meet in the current building. The ceiling fell in, the church looked abandoned from the outside and we prayed. Since then God has enabled us to have security of tenure and make investments in the building. Numbers attending have increased considerably, the demographic of the congregation has changed with more younger people, and a lovely group of children.

2014-06-14 13.21.16We broke into smaller groups to consider

  • evangelism/witness/outreach (feedback sheet shown in picture)
  • how to be church if there are more people present
  • future ministry of the word and admin
  • children’s ministry
  • buildings (currently part of the building is being sub-let to Brighton and Hove City Mission)

We finished with a feed-back session and prayer.

We thank God for a very positive morning, with a good spirit in which to discuss and look forward.

– Philip Wells