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UBM mission to internationals and international students – July 2017

A time of young people volunteering to give time with the United Beach Missions (UBM) organisation spent a week in Brighton based at Calvary Church, and Ebenezer Church.

They went out each day to befriend internationals and others and to seek opportunities to talk about Jesus. There were many interesting conversations. People from this country often overlook how radical and amazing is the Christian message. It says that the God who made all things and us came to earth and died a horrible death to atone for our sins and remove our shame and disgrace.


Splendid baptism 9th July 2017

This morning’s service was very special in many ways. During this meeting we witnessed the baptism of Penny Armstrong and Maciek “Mat” Kawczak in the name of Jesus.

We heard moving testimony of how Penny turned to the Lord after suffering much bullying at school, and – in contrast – security and understanding among the fellowship of God’s people.

Matt told us about the witness he had received from good Polish friends – including some people who were present at the meeting.


We heard an explanation of the meaning of Baptism, and a some challenging preaching on the topic of “What is a Christian? Answer – a follower of Jesus”


We had a bring and share lunch. Afterwards people were invited to tell everyone their response to the baptism. Polish friends gave warm words of encouragement to Matt.

We thank God for his work in these dear people’s lives.


What a wonderful church weekend at Dalesdown April 2017!

The 2017 church weekend away took place at Dalesdown this year April 7,8,9th.

The conference centre is located deep in the countryside, north of the south Downs. The weather was truly wonderful – bright sunshine and record high temperatures.

Hello from Dalesdown!

An opportunity to sit and chat

The programme was fairly relaxed, inlcuing bible studies. walks, games, prayer, delicious food and just sitting and chatting in the sun. The theme of the bible and prayer sessions was “Fruitfulness”, and the Sunday morning meeting was for all ages and took the subject of “Introducing Jesus” from John chapter 1.


All ages enjoy a walk together

Even the young men grow weary … but not just yet.

Having fun.

We’re looking for an Assistant Pastor during 2017

An exciting opportunity in a growing gospel church engaged in the local community at the heart of a creative and diverse university City.

Calvary Evangelical Church Brighton is prayerfully seeking to take on an Assistant Pastor during 2017, to serve and train in that role for 3 years. The current lead teacher-elder Philip Wells  and will be looking to hand over a significant portion of his workload by August 2020.

At the time of writing the congregation has grown so that the main church hall is sometimes nearly full. (Average morning congregations of 70+ with seating capacity of 90 to 100 max). The options for expansion on the site are severely limited, and the personal and relational “small church” ethos is very important to us. This means that the issue of church planting/revitalisation or similar growth strategy will – by God’s grace – need to be actively considered and actioned soon.


Please send application letter (including CV) and a completed copy of the modified FIEC Application Form to   (cc by 24th March 2017. Late applications will only be considered if they are very strong.

The application letter should state how you believe your convictions, gifts, experience and vision fit you for this particular situation.

Please read the Church Profile document and the Job Profile carefully .See elsewhere on this website and listen to some of the recorded Sunday messages.

N.B. Other Church documents (e.g. church manual) are currently under review, but copies of recent drafts will be sent on request.

FIEC leaders’ conference, November 2016

Hemsby in November is a curious beach front ghost town with its amusement arcades and fish and chip shops locked up for the winter. The grey sea hammers against the long beach of sand and dunes. This is the venue for the FIEC leaders’ conference.


the wild and windy beach at Hemsby must be beautiful in summer

Some 500 delegates met together to hear talks and attend seminars on the topic of “Evangelism”.


main meetings in the Starlight ballroom

The key-note speaker was Ed Stetzer from USA. His main point was that churches should be always involved in the “seeking the lost” ministry of Jesus. Jesus went to people where they were – e.g. Jesus meeting Levi at his tax-collection booth. He also made loads of jokes.

There were several seminar streams with helpful topics. For exampe we were able hear about the following topics and ask questions:  How to help churches to think evangelistically, ministry on an “estate” (= scottish “scheme”), how to support single mums in the church etc.


seminar leader tells us how “middle class” Christians can actually be useful ministering to people with a very different background

The preaching on Wednesday evening opened up how Jesus’ weeping over Jerusalem was particularly breathtaking. We were humbled and inspired to worship God.

It was good to meet with other Christians on the same mission, facing many of the same problesm, and enouraging one another to press on in serving Jesus Christ.


A quietly brilliant baptism – Nick Hopgood

On Sunday October 9th 2016 we were privileged to witness the baptism of Nick Hopgood.

He told us his story – how his life had been one which included dissipation and despondency. He came along to church at the invitation of a friend and heard a sermon “Who is Jesus?” which seemed to be aimed exactly at him.

Over a period of about a year he has been reading the Bible and seeking to know more. Now, at last, he is confident to state publicly his faith in Jesus, and receive the assurances of God made to all who are baptised in faith.

The whole thing had the ring of authenticity as the quiet depth of God’s work in a person’s life was recounted.

We were pleased to welcome his Mum and Dad, and have a celebratory church lunch together afterwards.

“Baptised into Christ  – baptised into his death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life” Romans 6:1-5 slightly paraphrased


We had a great time – June 5th evening

There was no meeting on the Viaduct Road premises on the evening of June 5th.

Instead we will joined together for the Mid-Sussex group of FIEC churches joint meeting at Cuckfield Baptist Church, by their kind invitation. We had a great time of fellowship – and enjoyed the encouragement of listening to the preaching of Rupert Bentley-Taylor.

There were more leaves on the trees than in this rather wintry picture of Cuckfield Baptist Church’s new building.

MSG Day 2016 - final-2-png


We’ve appointed new Deacons

What sort of internal organisation do churches have, according to the New Testament?

The bible is quite sparing in its answer to this question. It is strong on principles (e.g. love, service, respectfulness, selflessness), but fairly flexible on implementation.

It seems clear that within New Testament churches there were a variety of people serving in various ways:

  • Every church member is part of the body of Christ – as expressed in that particular church – thus, every member has and is a gift of God with a part to play.
  • It also seems clear that, as the New Testament era developed, the emphasis settled on the role of the Elders who lead and feed the flock through the word of God, and also …
  • Deacons, who exemplify and focus serving the people of God.

In the previous post we mentioned our prayerful quest to add to the Eldership as the years go by, and currently we are carefully and prayerfully working through the appointment of Deacons.

We can report with thanks to God that the current phase of this process has come to a conclusion at the mini-members meeting 23/3/16, with the recognition and appointment of 7 deacons, as follows:


Lindsay Debach – Administration

Rachel Rayfield – Children’s ministry

Ray WIngate (for one year) – Treasurer (oversight, with assistance), and Secretary

Ben Alltimes – Evangelistic and Discipleship Opportunities

Ruth Muinde and Roger Kinross (till September 2016)  – Care and Concern – including discipling and supporting both men and women

Steve Ellacott – no specific role, but undertaking a project to revamp the Constitution and church manual documents.

We thank God for these people, and for leading us together as a church



P.W. 23/3/16