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Brilliant Musical Evening in support of Refugee work of Brighton Housing Trust (BHT)

Over £280 was raised at the November 2015 Musical Evening. The money was raised in support of Brighton Housing Trust’s refugee work. Andy Winter CEO writes: “on behalf of Kate Jessop and all at the Immigration Legal Service … thank you for your incredible generoisty at the musical evening – which I really enjoyed”.

Contributions reflected the cross generational family nature of the church. Some jazz from senior member Colleen Moss, something from the “Jungle Book” by Argie Benwell and Corinne Lamb (aka “Lambargie”) taking in Johnny Cash’s “Aint no grave can hold my body down” and the Beatles en route.

Thanks to all who helped organise, set up and run the event. We thank God for the many gifts of musical and other talent – but it is not about excellence so much as making a contribution.


Kate Jessop explains the work of the Immigration Legal Service of BHT

The hall was packed and the atmosphere was “full of good energy” as one visitor put it – we had certainly prayed for Christ’s presence to be there.

There is a Facebook video here.

A Passsion for Life, Easter 2014

Near Easter we’ll be joining in with a lot of other churches in the venture called “A Passion for Life”

We’re looking forward to offering anyone and everyone a chance to get to know what the Bible really says one-to-one.



We’re using an initiative called The Word One-to-One in which people have the chance to spend one hour over a cup of coffee looking for themselves into John’s gospel.


 “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God …”

There is no hard-sell, but rather the words of the Bible are put in the position of conveying their own authority and meaning.

We’ve been going out on London Road to talk to people and invite them to take up this offer. We’ve been very encouraged by the amount of interest and the number of positive responses.

If you would like to take up this offer, please contact us.