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We’re looking for an Assistant pastor – from September 2016


If you are interested or know someone else who would be please ask them to be in contact. The closing date for applications is 31st January 2016. Below is the text of the advert placed with FIEC, WEST, Oakhill Theological College, and Cornhill Training Course:

Calvary Evangelical Church Brighton is prayerfully seeking an assistant pastor from
September 2016, to serve and train in that role for 3 years. We have the earnest
hope and prayer that there will be sufficient development of the person, ministry
and the relationship between the church and the appointee that he will stay on, in
future, as lead teacher-elder. By August 2019 the current lead teacher-elder Philip Wells will be looking to hand over a significant portion of his workload.

Website back up and running

Apologies for the outage for the past week. Sadly we were the victim of hackers who used the  website to generate 1000’s of deceptive spam emails. They would have used this to direct people to a fake website, and thus to steal usernames and passwords. Because of the huge volume of abnormal activity the website hosting system removed our site from service.

We have rebuilt the site and cleansed the malicious files – if there is any thing that doesn’t work properly please let us know.

Thanks to Alex Wolski for alerting us to the problem, and to Alex Wells for his expert remedial work.

It all seems to prove the gospel doctrine of universal sinfulness.


Buying the Building update 2 – June 25th 2014

We are holding a Pledge Day (Sunday 23/6/14) for money to be donated on or before 28th September 2014.

At the time of writing we have received donations of approx £131500, meaning that if  an amount of £31000 were to be given we could purchase the building outright, without need for bridging loans, mortgages etc.

We thank God for his undeserved kindness to us.

Further details including methods of giving can be found here.

– Philip Wells 25/6/14

Vision Morning – June 14th 2014

“How should we be praying and planning in faith for the next five years?”

This was the question that we believe God would have us consider, and we gathered on the Saturday morning 14th June to discuss together.

The Elders opened the morning with prayer and a reflection on the past.

There was a seven-year period when we didn’t even know whether the church could continue to meet in the current building. The ceiling fell in, the church looked abandoned from the outside and we prayed. Since then God has enabled us to have security of tenure and make investments in the building. Numbers attending have increased considerably, the demographic of the congregation has changed with more younger people, and a lovely group of children.

2014-06-14 13.21.16We broke into smaller groups to consider

  • evangelism/witness/outreach (feedback sheet shown in picture)
  • how to be church if there are more people present
  • future ministry of the word and admin
  • children’s ministry
  • buildings (currently part of the building is being sub-let to Brighton and Hove City Mission)

We finished with a feed-back session and prayer.

We thank God for a very positive morning, with a good spirit in which to discuss and look forward.

– Philip Wells

Thanks for great Musical Evening in support of Brighton Housing Trust

We’re thankful for an epic musical evening on 7th June 2014.


Singing sisters


About 60 people – neighbours, friends, classmates etc –  were present to hear “various musical items from performers of all ages”. The two youngest performers – Maggie and Cui Cui (“Choi”) gave us a karaoke number from “Frozen”, followed by an acapella rendition from one of our older members Sylvia Anderson. What a great voice!



Sylvia Anderson










Piano and vocals from Katharine Crompton with Katy Melua numbers, closely followed by “Johnny B. Goode” from Aaron Reeves took the tempo up several notches.


Katharine Crompton


Aaron Reeves


















The first session was closed by a rip-roaring set from Mark Rayfield (lead vocals), Alex Wells (rhythm and vocals), Philip Wells (bass and vocals) and Aaron Reeves (lead) featuring rocking numbers from the early Beatles era.


Rayfield, Wells and Wells – Help! I need somebody …







The second set featured Alyson and Matt’s beautiful folky songs,


Alex (right) and Philip Wells “Try to Keep the customer satisfied”








The evening was brought to a breathtaking climax by Ruth Muinde’s atmospheric show-stopping unaccompanied gospel solo.


Ruthie Muide



*There is quite nothing quite like the buzz of live music*







BHT CEO Andy Winter gave a moving appeal and over £200 was raised in donations.


BHT CEO Andy Winter


Thanks to all who made food, set up the hall, and contributed in any way. What a great evening!



Food, glorious food

A family funeral – May 20th 2014

All life is here this week.

We mourned with those who mourned on 20th May 2014. Church member Colleen Moss and her family grieved for the loss of her daughter Michelle who died aged 60 in Cyprus.

The commital was held at Woodvale Crematorium, followed by a Thanksgiving service at Calvary. There were heartfelt contributions from Michelle’s sisters Gina and Dionne and son Reggie.

Afterwards we ate together.  The delicious Indian cuisine was brought from Leicester by son-in-law Atul.

Even though it was a sad occasion we experienced the comfort of God as we met together as extended family and spiritual family. There was the anguish of tears but also the healing warmth of love.

A wonderful wedding – May 17th 2014

We were delighted to congratulate Mr and Mrs Zac and Darlene Alexander on their wedding May 17th 2014 which took place at Calvary Church.

The celebration meal also was held in the main church hall which was decked out for the occasion. The meal was prepared by people in the church as a gift to the couple. It was a really beautiful family occasion for which we thank God.


Buying the building – next steps

At our Autumn church members’ meeting we were pleased to agree unanimously to ask FIEC practical services to act as “Holding Trustees” on behalf of the church. The Elders and Deacons will function as “Managing Trustees” i.e. be responsible for daily affairs of the church in the normal way. This step is further progress in “Buying the Building

Also – more information has gone out to various friends old and new who might value the opportunity to support this venture.

We are aiming to raise £162500 to purchase the freehold from the Railway Mission

The Railway Mission is the  historic umbrella body for christian work to the railway community –  previously in railway centres through local Mission Halls,  and now in the railway industry at large by means of regional Chaplains.

April 8th: Since we started the appeal we have raised – in gifts and pledges – somewhere in the region of £70000, for which we thank God.

See more details on these pages