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We’re looking for an Assistant pastor – from September 2016


If you are interested or know someone else who would be please ask them to be in contact. The closing date for applications is 31st January 2016. Below is the text of the advert placed with FIEC, WEST, Oakhill Theological College, and Cornhill Training Course:

Calvary Evangelical Church Brighton is prayerfully seeking an assistant pastor from
September 2016, to serve and train in that role for 3 years. We have the earnest
hope and prayer that there will be sufficient development of the person, ministry
and the relationship between the church and the appointee that he will stay on, in
future, as lead teacher-elder. By August 2019 the current lead teacher-elder Philip Wells will be looking to hand over a significant portion of his workload.

Welcome to new students!

Maybe you are looking here because you have come to Brighton as a new student. Brighton offers a very rich and varied experience for students from all over the world – hopefully a great time is ahead of you!

If you are looking for a church you will find information about us on the rest of the site and especially here.

When you choose a church remember, it’s not all about music, and smaller/growing churches like ours also have a lot to offer in the way of solid Bible teaching, and opportunities to build relationships in the church family, and get actively involved in developing, maturing, and serving.

If you would like more info – drop a line to our student worker Ben Alltimes


Buying the building update – 27th April 2014

Today was the second Gift Day in which we hoped and prayed to see more money dedicated to the “buying the building project”.

The aim has been to raise £40k on the first Gift Day and £40k on the second. As we approached this second Gift Day the giving stood at around £74k. This second Gift Day closes with a sum of £50,557.50 raised during the day.

This leaves a total outstanding of £37,442.50.

We are left feeling rather overawed at the goodness and generosity of God – through the sincerity and sacrificial generosity of his people.

Heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to this in any way at all.

– Philip Wells 27/4/14



Celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus – Easter 2014

At our prayer meeting we were reflecting on God’s goodness to us in the last few weeks over the Easter season.


The Passion For Life venture was a great encouragement – we had several deep and interesting conversations on London Road where there are many passers-by.





People were also invited to take time to read John’s gospel one-to-one for a one hour taster session. As this would be a really big step for anyone to take we were delighted to hear that a handful of people were either lined up to do so, or had already done so.


In addition to all this  we were told that one of the youngsters in the church had been asking his parents on his own initiative how he might become a Christian – and did just that!

On Good Friday we had a great time together with our brothers and sisters from Ebenezer Baptist Church (“Ebenezer” carries the meaning “God has helped us so far”), and God also helped us in meeting and hearing his word on Easter Sunday.

Three of our congregation were involved in the Easter Passion Play – and despite rain earlier, God answered our prayers and sent the sunshine for the second performance. and back catalogue

Some kind people have been inquiring about historic recordings of “BeThinking” talks, and other back numbers of sermons – particularly those prior to 2011.

We’re sorry to say that we’ve had some problems with these. The computer on which several of these were stored was stolen, and we are still in the process of sorting out the back-up material. We’ve noticed that itself has been updating its systems, and this has also made things more clunky – hopefully this is just a temporary problem.

So, apologies for the delay and for the inconvenience – we’re working on it!

Update 24/2/14: the backups have now been retrieved!

Men’s breakfast 29th March – speaker Marco Wren

Calvary men and their friends and neighbours assembled for a sumptuous breakfast cooked by Chef Ben Alltimes and assistants. Our special guest speaker was Marco Wren of Specky Wren Opticians in Marshall’s Row.

He gave a very inspiring story of how he and his business partner started up their business, and shared lots of other information about eye care.

It’s great to have real personal involvement with the local community.