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Looking to the future – gifts, Elders, Deacons

As we look to the future we know that reliable people will be needed to take responsibilities in the running of the church. Not least we need to train up, and most probably, take on those who can grow into significant word-ministry and pastoral oversight. In order for us as a church to understand this better we are conducting a series of morning sermons on the subject of

gifts: the God-given ability for each one to be a blessing to others. In other words, what everyone can contribute because they are part of the body of Christ. The dominating idea in the New Testament is that gifts are aimed not at excitement or spectacle, but at the “building up of the church”

Elders: the men who are the pastoral overseers of the flock, at least some of whom have a particular role in teaching and preaching.

Deacons: those men and women who have a particular role as Servants in, of, and for the church.

The talks are being recorded and uploaded to and the internet link is referenced here


Looking at God and ourselves – Sunday morning teaching series, August 2014

A swiss pastor, wishing to give an all-round course of instruction to his flock once wrote:

Our wisdom,in so far as it ought to be deemed true and solid Wisdom, consists almost entirely of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves” John Calvin (1509-1564)- Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 1, Chapter 1.

We’ve been following his outline and have been looking briefly at who God is : (1) Creator, (2) Trinity (3) Ruler (4) God who is good. And now we are looking at who we are – humanity (1) in the image of God (2) spoiled by sin, (3) redeemed by Christ.

These can all be followed via the talks and sermons page. and back catalogue

Some kind people have been inquiring about historic recordings of “BeThinking” talks, and other back numbers of sermons – particularly those prior to 2011.

We’re sorry to say that we’ve had some problems with these. The computer on which several of these were stored was stolen, and we are still in the process of sorting out the back-up material. We’ve noticed that itself has been updating its systems, and this has also made things more clunky – hopefully this is just a temporary problem.

So, apologies for the delay and for the inconvenience – we’re working on it!

Update 24/2/14: the backups have now been retrieved!